What you need to know

A few "Klippie" tips...



Payment methods accepted?  Do I need to pay a deposit for you to hold my unit ?

Normally, you'll need to make full payment within 24 hours of making the booking.  Our system will automatically cancel all outstanding provisional bookings if proof of payment is not received after 48 hours. if you prefer not to authorize instant credit card payment when using the "book now" option, KlipHuisjes will contact you after you have booked, to provide bank details for EFT or cash payment into our account .  Regrettably, we do not accept credit cards at the premises (no machine facility).  Last minute bookings: EFT or cash only.


What is the check-in procedure? 

"KlipHuisjes" has no reception or on-premise office.  You will be met by the manager on property, at your time of arrival, with your room keys.  Please contact us with your expected arrival time in advance,  and on date of arrival give us an update by calling or texting half an hour before arrival so that we can meet you and assist with check-in process.   Check-in is from 2pm - 8pm


Late arrivals (After 8pm):   It is essential to provide accurate time of arrival and a working mobile phone number.  We do not want you to be in the dark waiting for keys, but cannot be held responsible if you do not notify us in advance with your arrival time.

We have recently installed an electric gate to facilitate an easy entry and exit from our property. You will receive manager's contact details, directions & Front Gate code via confirmation email  Please ensure to print e-mail containing the arrival info.

Double check your confirmation email for specific unit allocated to your booking. 

Make sure room key is on your person before leaving the room and do not misplace, especially after hours.  On check out, leave keys on the table (early departures) or hand keys over to housekeepers.

We are supporters of uninterrupted breakaways for our guests. If you wish to be entertained (or harassed..) by management all the time - this establishment is not for you. We have excellent housekeepers, looking after guests needs, once a day.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to the manager. We’re happy to provide assistance 24/7 !!  

When can I expect to see the housekeepers? May I ask her to do something for me?

Housekeepers must be allowed to check the unit. Cleaning service once a day, from 09h00 - 14h00.  Please check daily before housekeepers leave if toilet paper is sufficient or towels returned etc.   Feel free to ask housekeepers for assistance or phone owner to help clear uncertainty. Housekeeping will not knock on your door to service your unit during your stay. Their instruction is to wait until guests have left the unit. If you prefer your unit serviced earlier or not at all, please display Cleaning Notice on outside knob. Housekeeping is a free service.  Please refrain from placing unreasonable demands on the housekeeping staff.  We as owners and staff will try our utmost to assist in any way, but sometimes, it is even out of our reach to assist with a quick fix after hours or on a public holiday in Dullstroom Village. Our housekeeping staff is a happy and friendly bunch of characters. Their banter and chit chat is an indispensable part of the charm of Kliphuisjes. No cleaning service on Christmas, New Year's day and Easter Sunday. If housekeepers fail to attend for any reason (It can happen!...they also have family & children..luckily it has never happened yet, the venue will be without cleaning services during your stay.   An alternative cleaner can hopefully be arranged if you wish (Wage to be paid & settled between temp cleaner and guest).


What happens if I damage an item?

Ooooo...An inventory list of replacement values are kept in the unit (against backdoor). If any breakage/damages occur, guest to pay replacement value immediately to housekeeper in cash (guest to complete receipt in book and send detailed sms to owner).  If guest can successfully undo damage and send it back, the item will be refunded. Non listed items must be cleared with owner immediately. If any breakage or missing item was discovered after your departure, expect to be invoiced.  Kindly understand that we cannot keep on buying & replacing two-point plugs ..torches ..teaspoons ..tupperware ..knifes .. braai tongs ..basin stoppers ..cd's ..games ..hangers ..hairdryers ..umbrellas & keys. Please double check luggage and grocery bags for these small irritations before departure, as we have learned, not every family member who helped gathering all belongings, realized (purely by mistake!) what actually belonged to the venue and what not. Thank you.



Wheelchair friendly?
Unfortunately, "KlipHuisjes was not designed wheelchair friendly and lacks all the bells & whistles to be classified as a wheelchair friendly establishment. However, our Valentine suite is easily accessible, is on the ground floor with no steps inside except for the shower.
What time can I check in to my unit? What time do I have to check out?

Check-in time is at 14h00 PM local time, while check-out time is no later than 10h00 AM local time.  However, if you arrive before the check-in time and your room is not occupied, you may check-in at the time of your arrival. Please notify manager if you would like to request an early check-in. Regrettably, we do not consider late check outs ..Much needed rush hour between 10am and 14h00 to clean the units before the next guests check-in. Thank you for your understanding.



Will I be charged or maybe refunded for anything if I cancel my reservation for any reason?

Paid and Confirmed Bookings: Refundable up to 15 days prior to arrival. Bank and credit card fees may be deducted from refund. Thereafter non-refundable however you may change the date of your reservation once up to 15 days prior to arrival, subject to availability and any rate increases. No changes or refunds inside of 21 days of reservation. You may nominate someone else on your behalf to make use of this booking. Should the reservation not be taken up on the arrival date, the accommodation will be held until 9h00 the following day, after which the reservation will be cancelled and the accommodation forfeited.  

Only exceptional circumstances, at the owner's discretion, will be considered in relaxing these terms. 

If you booked on a "special"  rate please double check the cancellation terms as these are normally non-refundable. 

No alternative accommodation/refunds will be made due to misplaced room keys/ power failures/water shortages/signal & network failures/municipal or any other labour strikes during your stay.  Unfortunately power failures and water cut-offs normally occur without prior notice to us. Units will be without power/water for the duration.  


Will I be able to follow my favourite tv programme?
All units have DSTV Commercial Premium Package including M-net, all movie and sport channels. Kyknet, BBC World News, DiscID, NGwld, History and DiscW are also added channels for your convenience.  If a channel shows E16 error or something to the effect "account in arrears", it's an off limited channel.  Housekeepers do not test batteries of any remotes. Kindly inform owners re battery replacements. Extras are usually kept in each unit's little DIY box.  Ps: even geyser igniters operate with batteries. 


Do I need to bring my own wood?
We are happy to announce that we can supply you with dry wood that will keep you warm and cozy while snuggling up. The wood is sourced from a supplier that guarantees good quality firewood which is very difficult to find in the surrounding area. The price of the wood can be found in the extra's section. Please either pre order or on arrival please let us know how many bundles you require.  Payable in cash prior to your departure.


What is the weather like in Dullies?

Make sure there are enough "woolies" in the suitcase! You could experience 4 seasons in one day...irrelevant of what time of the year (sub-Alpine weather). Mostly chilly and/or misty in the evenings to very cold during winter nights... occassionally frost or snow! Day temperatures in summer are rarely "sweaty hot".  Dullstroom is not famous for aircons or swimming pools, but we always get a big "yes" from guests, for heating devices...  just ask if you need an extra heater or blankets!  We will gladly provide. Electric blankets and wall mounted heaters in all units. No vehicles underneath large trees during stormy conditions. Open-air parking at each unit. See our weather page for next 7 days forecast.


How far is "KlipHuisjes" from town?  Any gravel roads?

KlipHuisjes is situated in a top-notch, easily accessible area IN-TOWN, hidden amongst huge blue gum trees.... Tarred and paved all the way. We are conveniently located and a short stroll from Restaurants & Shops.  The nearest fly fishing spots to KlipHuisjes are dams 1-3km out of town.


Can I cook food in my Klip-suite ?

Our  2 bedroom units "The Cabin" & "Klip-Cottage" have fully equipped kitchens to cook up a storm and an outside braai on the veranda. All Klip-suites are equipped with a kitchenette, kitchen sink, portable braai & basic small round model weber on the stoep. The suites (Valentine, Stargazer, Companion & Getaway) also offer a seating and small dining corner. Each kitchenette is equipped with a 100 liter fridge, microwave, double hot plate with mini oven, crockery, cutlery, pots, pan, toaster, kettle and essential kitchen untensils. Our only non-selfcatering unit is the Spanish Lady, but there is a mini fridge and coffee/tea facilites. Housekeepers will do the cleaning chores each morning (except Christmas , New year's day and Easter Sunday). These suites are perfect for guests who prefer to braai  and prepare snacks and easy meals. Please avoid preparing or storing foods with a strong smell eg fish or curry, inside suites. Kindly use outdoor facilities and preferably your own cooler.  See "Accommodation & Rates" page for more details.







Do you have a communal braai area for families or groups?
"KlipHuisjes" has an open-air braai area called  the Boma (or fire-pit!) , nestled between the large Bluegum trees and  ideal for groups or family gatherings when not so chilly or rainy outside.  The movable tree stump cut-offs for chairs, just add to the magic vibe of good company, braaivleis, stars and "let's move closer to the fire"  feeling.  (Elderly guests have the option of  plastic chairs provided at most units - ask housekeeping for assistance).  Please do not carry your unit’s indoor furniture to the firepit. Thank you.


I want to ask consent to bring my pet. What are your "pet friendly" rules?

Pets stay FREE !


Prior consent is required in all instances for confirmation of a booking with pets. Provide breed/age/number when making booking enquiry. KlipHuisjes reserves the right to cancel a booking if a pet is not disclosed or if incorrect information is given about the pet’s size and breed.

Only small breed lap dogs allowed in suites provided they are in-house, well trained, behaved, clean, thoroughly brushed and dipped pets. Pets sleep inside; bring own pet beds, bedding and bowls. Pets are not allowed on the furniture, beds, cushions, blankets, throws, or carpets. Housekeepers may pick up some rugs etc. Under no circumstances, leave pets unattended inside the units. Kindly have respect for damages that bored pets cause to a unit if enclosed, alone and feeling insecure.. The owners of KlipHuisjes do not take responsibility for the safety of pets. This will solely be the responsibility/risk of pet owners. Only the Klip-Cottage has a small fenced in area in the back. None of the Klip-Suites are separately fenced in, although the property as a whole is fenced. There is an open lawn area in front of suites. Dogs must be leashed when outside the units. You will be charged a fee for any damages caused. Pet owners MUST keep their pets quiet at all times. If pets bark constantly and irritate other guests, we will insist on the immediate check out of your pets. Pet owners are required to scoop up all poop deposited on the premises. We would like to continue allowing owners to bring their pets along, but consent will only last if the establishment’s rules are strictly obeyed and other guests tranquility respected. No cats/ jumping/exotic pets allowed.


Is it safe for us to be alone on the premises?

KlipHuisjes & Dullstroom offer safety above the usual country-style safe environment.  Dullstroom is not nearly in the same "ons is bang" category as where you probably came from.  Each unit has its own alarm system and connected to armed response. Panic button on all remotes and next to all beds. If you shout hard enough, the neighbours will probably come running down the street to see what is going on..never tested this theory though..!  Dullstroom is well below crime average according to Police statistics.  This being said, do not "invite" Dullies few petty thieves by leaving valuables visible in your vehicles or on your stoep while in town or overnight. One of them could decide it is something on his "bucket list" and try his luck! Petty thieves are optimistic creatures. If nothing is on offer, no thief will bother.  Just use all tools provided to keep your belongings and unit guarded while away.  


Do you have any provisions in place for electrical outages or water cut-offs ?

Each unit is equipped with battery operated lantern/s, candles & gas cooker for those inconvenient times. Luckily, it is not often.  Dullstroom very seldomly experiences a TOWN power failure, but extreme weather conditions have the tendency to knock out any town's electricity.  Dullstroom, charming village that it is, does not boast the best of infrastructure in the country. Water pressure is unpredictable during times of extreme high demand. Temporary shortages and drop in pressure is the unfortunate result although KlipHuisjes has its own pressure pumps and two water tanks for support. Your patience will be appreciated, the situation will return to normal in a short time.   Please call us if you experience a power failure so that we check it is not just a tripped breaker!  Same applies for water shortage, we will come straight over and switch over to the Jo-Jo tanks


Islamic/Muslim toilet etiquette?

Regrettably, no bidets were added to "KlipHuisjes" bathrooms.  Guests need to provide their own solution for comfort  or ask housekeeping to provide the "toilet etiquette" jugs on arrival.


Why public toilet roll dispensers?

The reason for using the very neat & clinically white roll dispensers: It is simply a more practical choice in the suites due to the rough plastered walls.  Normal domestic holders proved to be insufficient…was always a mission to get a full roll moving without tearing the paper against the wall. We decided to install same in all units, although it was not necessary in Klip-Cottage. Housekeeping will gladly fill up during your stay – just ask



Gas Geysers? 

 All Klip-suite's bathrooms  are fitted with gas geysers for daily operation and Klip-Cottage (shower only) during power failures.  Please do not fiddle with your unit's gas geyser settings when you feel it's not exactly to your liking.  It is set according to the precise instructions for 3 bar water pressure, flowing pass the flame to heat up your shower water sufficiently.  Geyser flame ignites automatically when opening the hot water tap.

If experiencing a sudden volley of cold water, please inform owners immediately for a quick valve turn between empty and ready filled cylinders (unfortunately no means to measure usage or current capacity left). -

If experiencing intermittent hot water, please notify owners immediately for a quick battery replacement. The igniters operate with two "D" batteries each (unfortunately, no means to check battery energy). 


What will happen to forgotten items?
Eishhhh, we really need our own limited storage facilities. Items such as cell phone chargers, food, toiletries,  cosmetics and general medicine will be considered as "no keepers". Once units were serviced after your departure, it’s gone.  KlipHuisjes will notify you immediately when special chargers, clothing and/or other significant items or valuables were found. KlipHuisjes will not post/courier items on your behalf.  You have to make own arrangements to collect (incl wrapping) such items during 10h00-15h00 Mondays or Thursdays (collection/dropping days).  Contact us regarding collection address.  Items not collected within 4 weeks, shall be considered forfeited and donated to local people.  Rather be thorough than sorry.. double check your unit once more when everybody is already in the vehicle before departure.  When missing an item (not discovered during departure cleaning round), please do check your own luggage first, before assuming it was forgotten and sending all our staff on a hunt for hours seeking a non-existing item on our premises.


I have a back problem. Which unit would you recommend?

We strive to create the best possible sleeping experience for our guests and do provide soft to medium soft mattresses of high quality, although It makes sense to rather choose one of our units, offering twin beds with conversion to king size bed.  You will definitely experience less discomfort by not sharing the same mattress, but still get to spoon very cozy with your other significant half.  You will not be bothered by a gap between the two mattresses...KlipHuisjes make use of, considered, a "state of the art" hospitality converter ...you should not notice it's actually twin beds!   


Why is there not.....xyz?

Please do remember that Kliphuisjes is SELF-CATERING.  We as owners really tried our utmost to make provision for all necessary  items guests might need during their stay. If you need anything more, or even changed, to enhance your stay, you just have to ask!  We also do take care by checking drains, geysers, taps, shower heads & fireplaces monthly and all appliances on a weekly basis although something could sadly missed our attention and you are the one to discover it!  Please inform us immediately, without hesitation, to enable us to rectify and please, not as an afterthought. Nothing will ever be left out or ignored by any staff member, unless due to an honest mistake ... we know all too well that even Mercedes get flat tyres!  We as owners & staff, strive to walk the extra mile together! .